We have included on this page answers to frequently asked questions for Speakers and Meeting Planners. Do Let us know if you have not found an answer to your question below.

FAQ’s for Public Speakers

How do I reset my password or retrieve my username for https://relevantspeaker.com/login/?

Go here and click the Lost your Password link and the system will email you directions on how to reset your password. If you don’t get an email after an hour please email info@relevantspeaker.com and let us know you’re having trouble logging in.

How to become part of the Relevant Speaker Community:

Relevant Speaker Community: Simply go to Facebook  Relevant Speaker Community and Ask to join.  You’re good to go! You will have instant access to numerous speaker resources to assist you in growing your business.  We look forward to having you as a part of the Relevant Speaker Community!

I am a speaker’s agent, can I sign up as a member?

While we love connecting with anyone supporting Speakers, we do not allow agencies, bureaus, or speaker agents as members. If you proceed and are found to be an agency, bureau, or speaker agent, you understand your subscription will be cancelled & no refund will be given.

As a Member of  Relevant Speaker, I understand that I have access to the speaking leads database. Do you determine who the speaker will be?

No,  Relevant Speaker is not the final decision maker.  Relevant Speaker provides a service, one part of which is that we find leads for our members, leads are called in, researched, or submitted via our online “Request a Speaker” form. If you find a lead, it is your responsibility to follow-up on the lead either by submitting your proposal online to the hiring party or sending an email directly to the event organizer.

Where do I find the leads?

Once you purchase access to the Accelerator (CRM) of the Relevant Speaker family you will be directed to the member dashboard where leads and content will be waiting for you. Your leads will be auto-populated into the Accelerator member dashboard.

Are all the leads free speaking engagements?

No. There will be some leads that will either be free, include a small fee, or expenses paid designation; however, we have often seen speaking leads originally posted as no fee gigs converted to fee-based gigs because the organizer was so happy with the speakers, that they offered them a paid opportunity for other events.

Speaking for free is okay and can be an excellent opportunity to gain additional exposure, build your credibility, network, and make an excellent profit if you have products to sell. Keep your mind open and don’t let a wonderful opportunity lay on the table for someone else to come and grab. There are many ways to create opportunities from a free engagement, if you need ideas let info@relevantspeaker.com know.

I’m a newbie and don’t have a website yet, can I still be listed?

Yes of course! We want to get you started and a great beginning step is to get yourself online, get noticed, gain credibility, and start building your speaking presence with us. As part of your Relevant Speaker Membership you’ll receive your personal Accelerator CRM that has all your marketing in one place.

Are there any hidden costs?

No hidden fees whatsoever. At The Relevant Speaker, we never hide anything from you. Our leads are provided to you commission-free always.

Can I make changes to my CRM?

Yes, you can. Members in good standing may update their profile with major revisions once per year (calculated from join date to anniversary). Minor additions/deletions (such as add/delete contact or social media info, changes to an image, adding/subtracting books or program adjustments, etc.) can be submitted as needed. To submit changes email info@relevantspeaker.com

How do I cancel my membership?

Please email info@relevantspeaker.com to request your membership to be cancelled. Please don’t rely only on email deliverability, if you don’t get a response back from us immediately most likely your email didn’t reach us. In our terms and policy we request you cancel 48 hours before your next billing to give the team time to cancel you. 

What if I have additional questions?

Please email info@relevantspeaker.com and we would be happy to help you.